Countdown of the Trumpocalypse

The Trump Administration Countdown Clock


A Few Words About the Clock

The Trumpocalypse clock was initially conceived as a JavaScript exercise on the Date object, which can be tricky to work with.

This clock will countdown to Inauguration Day (and moment of ceremony), then count down again until the inauguration of the next president, four years from now.

On a political note: obviously this web page is packed with hyperbole and meant for entertainment. We're probably not looking at the real end of the world here, right? Still, the imagery available right off-the-bat is pretty irresistible...

One other detail: Trump got elected on the promise of bringing jobs back to America. The truth is that there are many unfilled jobs in America, right now, waiting for an American to do them. Jobs that pay well. We need to start thinking about certain tech jobs as "blue collar" work that doesn't require a college degree, just specific training.

I’m a big fan of Mike Rowe, who’s message about the skills gap in this country I feel is not heard enough. Mike is pretty active on Facebook. I’ve also included some links to other re-training programs below.

There are a lot of barriers to accessing retraining for Americans depending on age, race and economic status. We can do more if we can hold our leaders accountable for keeping job retraining in the forefront.


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